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As sources increasingly dismiss journalists, Poynter assembles best practices to help


Relationships and beat reporting basics are the keys to battling back against sources who don’t engage

Politicians have long stonewalled journalists. But recently, it’s gotten worse.

An Arizona legislator filed a restraining order on a journalist for knocking on their door. A Pittsburgh school board held virtual meetings long after the law allowing them expired. Politicians bypassed local reporters for partisan media outlets.

These are just a few instances of journalists being shut out of their efforts to cover public business and hold officials accountable.

Such reports led the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership at Poynter to convene a symposium to address the phenomenon. In late 2023, a group including public media leaders, entertainment and sports journalists, local reporters, political columnists, political advisers, editors, policy advocates and several Poynter leaders gathered in Miami at the offices of the Knight Foundation.

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Warning: CARU Will Strictly Enforce New Guidelines Covering AI-Generated Kids Ads


The rapidly evolving field of AI-generated advertising not surprisingly is raising new ethical questions and business practice issues for advertisers and agencies. What is surprising is that there has been no standard codified to protect impressionable children who might not otherwise have the faculties to distinguish synthetic, machine-generated content, as well as the relative truth inherent in it.Until now.

This morning, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the BBB National Programs issued a new compliance warning covering the use of AI in its advertising and privacy guidelines.

“The CARU compliance warning puts advertisers, brands, endorsers, developers, toy manufacturers, and others on notice that CARU’s Advertising and Privacy Guidelines apply to the use of AI in advertising and the collection of personal data from children,” the unit said in a statement released this morning, along with detailed updated guidelines, which can be downloaded and read here.

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