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National Guard loosens up requirements and doubles down on marketing push in effort to bolster recruiting


The National Guard is doubling down on marketing efforts amid struggles to attract new recruits and maintain strength in the post-COVID job ecosystem.

“This is the most challenging recruiting environment the department offense has probably ever faced,” said Air Force Coll. Anthony Pasquale, chief of the Air National Guard Recruiting and Retention Division in a virtual press conference on Wednesday.

Pasquale said the Air National Guard is currently operating at about 96.7% of its authorized 108,400 personnel. The key summer recruitment months present an opportunity to bridge the gap.

Pasquale said the National Guard is easing rules on everything from tattoo policies to body mass index (BMI) requirements to broaden the field of potential recruits, but the competition from the private sector is fierce.

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VT Army National Guard NCSA Program Presentation


To Suzanne’s point, I put this Powerpoint together and presented it to Vermont’s Recruitment & Retention Battalion leadership this past Monday as well as sent it to my TAG. There is some valuable Edison Research about Gen Z’s use of radio and what make them tick. Feel free to “borrow” anything in this presentation for your own state. I got positive feedback from the officers, who said I addressed their two main concerns about decentralization, which are:
1. Production (who is going to do it?)
2. Ability to buy digital advertising as part of the NCSA program in addition to radio & TV.

I am spinning decentralization as an excellent opportunity to create messages that highlight the unique enlistment incentives available here in Vermont that most resonate with VT teens and young adults (for example, we don’t have many natural disasters in VT, but post-secondary education is SUPER expensive here, so we’re going to push free college or trade school tuition instead).

Hope you find this helpful!

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