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FCC General Counsel Warns 5G Conspiracy Theories Threaten U.S. Economy


In an editorial, Thomas M. Johnson Jr. writes worries about 5G are “long on panic and short on science”

WASHINGTON—Conspiracy theories regarding the safety of 5G threaten the U.S. economy and run contrary to the findings of the Food and Drug Administration, Thomas M. Johnson Jr., FCC general counsel, wrote yesterday in a Washington Post opinion piece.

“Conjectures about 5G’s effect on human health are long on panic and short on science,” wrote Johnson.

The FCC recently reviewed its RF emissions standards, which Johnson called “the most stringent in the world.” The review drew on work of the FDA that found “the weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems” and that existing cell phone RF limits protect the public.

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Is AM All-Digital Right for Your Station?


It could be if you are ready for the needed investment in time and effort

Xperi, digital radio, HD Radio, AM HD RadioThe author is director of broadcast business development for HD Radio intellectual property holder Xperi.There is an important AM digital comments filing approaching on Monday. That means it is time to get serious about all-digital AM broadcasting.And that means that with all you may have heard recently about the pros and cons of going all-digital with your AM station, it’s about time for some plain talk about what kind of AM station this conversion could potentially benefit, and where it might not yet make financial sense.

First, in the interest of full disclosure, as a 50-year broadcast veteran with a large collection of working antique AM radios, I have to admit to mixed feelings about any AM station dropping their analog signal for all-digital. I was that kid in the Midwest who grew up listening at night to WABC in New York, WCFL in Chicago, KDKA in Pittsburgh, WLW in Cincinnati, WOAI in San Antonio and so many other 50 kW clear channel stations.

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