Experts: Social media outages unlikely to affect voting

Election officials in multiple jurisdictions told PolitiFact the March 5 Meta outages outages did not affect voting. It’s Election Day in November 2024. Across the U.S., voters are heading to the polls. And major social media platforms are not working. The scenario could alarm voters and draw news organizations’ attention. But would it affect voting? […]

How Streamer NBC News Now Is Being Positioned as the Future of the Network’s News

“We’re using the same studios, control rooms, and are treating it like one big production,” says EVP of Programming Janelle Rodriguez Super Tuesday at 30 Rock in New York City was a bustling affair. The halls were buzzing with activity as producers, anchors and crew all across NBC readied their wall-to-wall coverage of a predictable […]

AM Act Gets 218th Voting Sponsor In US House, Ensuring Majority

The AM For Every Vehicle Act has hit the magic number of voting co-sponsors needed to pass the legislation through the US House of Representatives. The House version of the bill, led by New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer, announced its 218th voting supporter. The surge of four new co-sponsors came the same day that the NAB […]