Day: March 15, 2023

Jacobs Urges AM Stations to Lean Into Apps and FM Options


Consultant writes with urgency in face of “abandonment” by some carmakers

What can AM broadcasters in the United States do in the face of news that major carmakers appear to be willing to drop over-the-air AM reception from their cars?

Consultant Fred Jacobs has some ideas today. He wrote partly in response to the news that Ford apparently will phase out AM reception from most of its new vehicles, not just from electric ones.

(As we’ve also reported, Volvo also appears to have made that decision. Read our sampling of what the individual carmakers told Sen. Ed. Markey.)

Jacobs knows these are depressing developments. In a blog post, he writes that the NAB and Sen. Markey  “are on it” and understand “the gravity of the moment.”

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