Wendy Paulson

Years at association 5

The resources that I rely on include

My members and NASBA colleagues, Industry sites, quick hits/ headlines I go to The Skimm.

What I’m recommending right now is Veep
My theme song would definitely be Dancing Queen ABBA
The concert or live show that I remember best was Neil Diamond, front row. His music from my childhood and beyond are some of my favorites. I stopped going to his concerts after the front row experience. Nothing can top that memory!
I don’t think people know I sang in a band in the 80s.
The traits I admire most in other people are Enthusiasm, Honesty and Compassion
When I’m not working, I’m Relaxing with my family and friends preferably near water with a cold drink.
My most prized possession is Autographed Sugar Ray Leonard boxing gloves.
I can help most people with Advice: Raise your hand and be the first one. No one can tell you you’re doing it wrong. Willing to share: I’m an idea person and love brainstorming. I’m always happy to ideate and problem solve.