Suzan Strong

Web Stuff Person
New Mexico
Years at association 20

The resources that I rely on include

All the trades, Neiman Labs,,,, and people who are smarter than me

What I’m recommending right now is The Gentlemen on Netflix
My theme song would definitely be All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow
The concert or live show that I remember best was VanHalen when I sat on my husband’s shoulders the whole time! (Before we were married and fat!)
I don’t think people know I’m the Suzan with a “z”
The traits I admire most in other people are enthusiasm and confidence
When I’m not working, I’m sitting on my back patio with a chilled drink
My most prized possession is my mother’s wedding pattern, Starburst – turns out she left me a fortune!
I can help most people with what I’ve learned about web data management over the past 25 years