Sharon Tinsley

Years at association 19.5

The resources that I rely on include

My local radio and TV stations, of course… and, trusted online sources…

What I’m recommending right now is I love “cop” shows, so I’m watching the last season of “SWAT”. I’m also finishing up “Palm Royale” with Kristin Wiig.
My theme song would definitely be “Champagne” by Big Audio Dynamite with the exception of that part of the lyric that ends in “bloodshed”!
The concert or live show that I remember best was Seeing Paul McCartney was on my bucket list and he did not disappoint. I’m such a Beetles fan. I’ve seen Paul and Johns’ homes in Liverpool. I would like to see Paul again before he’s no longer with us. That will be a very sad day.
I don’t think people know I turned down a scholarship in theater to go into broadcasting.
The traits I admire most in other people are Reliability!
When I’m not working, I’m Hanging out at home or shopping or visiting with friends or family! My friends and family would say shopping should have been at the top of the list!
My most prized possession is I have a lot of original art (not my work) hanging in my home and love every piece!
I can help most people with Focus on developing your staff (training or otherwise) so you can trust them with doing some of the things you would normally feel the need to do yourself.