Lori Needham

Rhode Island
Years at association 18

The resources that I rely on include

What I’m recommending right now is Bookends by Zibby Owens
My theme song would definitely be Workin’ 9 to 5
The concert or live show that I remember best was Tony Danza at Mohegan Sun…..got 4 tickets from a station last minute and wasn’t over the top about it, but called some friends that always are ready for a party and off we went. We were kind of laughing about driving to CT to see Tony perform. The show ended up being so enjoyable, the guy has incredible talent! Sings, dances and is funny…and very cute!! Included in the tickets were back stage entry. Tony welcomed the 4 of us, encouraged us to have a seat and help eat all the food he had been provided with. He told us so many stories and we all laughed together, not hurrying us to leave. It was a performance above any other I had seen, and left thinking he had fun with us too.
I don’t think people know I know that my NASBA friends will be surprised to learn that when I am back in the comfort of Rhode Island, I am most times the loudest in the room. I love a party, always the first one to get there and the last to leave! In my professional world, I am the complete opposite. Don’t know how that happened.
The traits I admire most in other people are I love to be around others that have a enthusiasm that is so deep within them that it becomes contagious. Even if it is not something of interest to me, I leave wanting to find something that moves me enough that it lives within me and brings me the joy of success…not just success.
When I’m not working, I’m By the ocean……..
My most prized possession is My family
I can help most people with If I were training someone who was just starting off, one of the values I would try to instill is not to let themselves become bigger than what they do…..let what they do be bigger than them so they will always continue to strive to be the best. Love what you do, have a respect for the career chosen and let the world see that in you. And find something to laugh about each and everyday! This was a great time to answer this question because as I retire, I have been thinking back on the 30 years spent in the Broadcast Community. I have loved what I have done for the 30 years, I have no regrets. That to me, is success! I will miss you all!