Jordan Walton

Executive Director
Years at association 14

The resources that I rely on include

Subscribe to all of the trades, though I can’t say I have the time or energy to always read everything. I’m also big on following lots of different people, companies, etc. on social media. You get a lot of great tidbits on not only broadcasting but politics, entertainment, news, etc. Have to be good at weeding out all of the wackos but a lot of social media lets you curate that on your own. Reddit can also be a cesspool but certain “subreddits” are really helpful in the tech field.

What I’m recommending right now is This is where we’re supposed to lie and say “Oh, I’m super into Italian opera right now and I’ve been reading up on how corn and grain prices in the midwest affect snow totals in Nepal,” right?  Real answer, I’d highly recommend “Welcome to Wrexham,” the documentary about Ryan Reynolds and Ryan McElhenney buying a low-level English soccer team and trying to bring them up to English Premier League. Highly entertaining and the Season 3 is out in May.
My theme song would definitely be Did Vance ask this one? There’s a song called “The Theme Fiasco” by MxPx that I always thought would be some badass walk up music. If I were ever a professional wrestler, that’s my entrance theme.
The concert or live show that I remember best was Back to the Italian opera, I guess. If not that, I’d probably say a Warped Tour or two back in my high school/college days. I think everyone is in their prime music discovery years during that time and I saw a lot of really great rock and punk rock bands at Warped Tour.
I don’t think people know I’m not sure I’m that interesting or surprising… I think the last time we did this I said that I have hundreds of different Pez dispenses and Pez-related items. That’s still true, although my wife tells me “I’m not in college anymore,” so they’re mostly in a box in the basement!
The traits I admire most in other people are Tops for me is a good sense of humor. As a natural goofball, I connect best with our goofballs. I also highly value honesty, sincerity, and people that treat others the way they want to be treated
When I’m not working, I’m On my couch!
My most prized possession is I have two things from my grandfather, his guitar and his at that I keep in my office in Zoom range. I didn’t really get to know him but was very close with my grandmother and all of the great stories about him make me feel close to him, so I value those little pieces I get to hold onto.
I can help most people with I’ve felt the need since our colleague in Maine Suzanne Goucher passed away to share her words of wisdom to our newer SBA colleagues. When we’re all gathered together and sharing what we’re doing in our respective states, take all of those notes and stuff them in a drawer for a year. After you have your legs under you and understand how things work in your state, then take them out and see what, if anything, you can implement or adapt. We each do things differently with different levels of staff, budget, board makeup, etc. and we can’t all do everything! While I don’t consider myself an expert on anything, I’m an early adopter and supporter of technology and have long pushed for SBAs to be active on social media and, more recently, to explore generative AI. I’m always happy to talk tech and try and help out other SBAs in implementing those types of things. I also dabble in some audio production, in part, through our High School Radio Project as well as dabble in Canva to create social media graphics, one-sheets, etc. and can help out there in a pinch.