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Why J.Lo And Shakira Aren’t Getting Paid For The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez used to have a little, now she’s got a lot—thanks in part to her ability to clock seven-figure grosses at every tour stop. But don’t be fooled: Jenny from the Block won’t be adding any more cash to her coffers for her Super Bowl halftime gig, at least in terms of performance fees. Along with Sunday’s co-headliner Shakira, her only monetary reward will be union scale and coverage of production costs.

It’s the same setup that acts from Bruno Mars to Beyoncé have agreed to in recent years—and though each is capable of commanding seven-figure nightly grosses for their solo live shows, they forgo payment on Super Bowl Sunday in exchange for the publicity that comes with playing to a televised audience of some 100 million people. Representatives for the two singers and the NFL didn’t respond to requests for comment, but the halftime acts’ reasoning is clear.

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