NASBA in Santa Fe

Primetime opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth and  present opening remarks at this year’s NASBA Fall Meeting

Prime Time to Drive Time

Be the “Talent” at our 2022 NASBA meeting by presenting the opening remarks (5 min) from the podium.  (October 24, 2022).  You will preview your sponsorship on September 23rd. with an additional 5-minute zoom presentation on our monthly membership zoom call.  Your company’s logo will be displayed throughout the duration of the on-site meeting (and zoom meeting), with distribution of your marketing materials.  This sponsorship includes a banner ad on the NASBA website for 6 months, a link to your website, your logo will be integrated on our meeting logo. Let us include an invitation for you and a guest(s) to attend all meal functions.

Reception Sponsorship

Get your return on investment…. your company’s logo will be advertised on the NASBA website upon commitment and up to event date, link to sponsor website, signage at event, logo on all printed material.  We will advertise your sponsorship on our monthly Membership Zoom call in September.   Introduction and acknowledgment of your sponsorship and an opportunity to network with the NASBA membership at the reception. Invitation for 4 to this event.  Location-La Fonda

Working Lunch

Our working lunch will let our members get “real” with the state of broadcasting.   We will begin lunch with 5 minutes from your company. Please have lunch with us and mingle until our meeting officially continues.   Your logo will be on our website upon commitment and up to the event date, on all printed materials and signage during lunch.  Invitation to our reception on Sunday, October 23.

NASBA Bar Association

The NASBA membership will surely be singing a thank you before the evening is over.   Of course, we will include signage at the event, a banner logo on website for 6 months plus link to sponsor website.   You and guest(s) are cordially invited to attend the reception and breakfast the following morning.

There’s something for every sponsor. Call 505-881-4444 or email today!