The ABIP committee was established to strengthen the relationship between broadcasters and the FCC enforcement bureau by ensuring that the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program remains a robust alternative to FCC inspections across the country.

Critical Issues

The Critical Issues Fund was established for the purpose of providing aid in matters that potentially affect all State Broadcast Associations and their members in circumstances where there is little or no potential for individual State Associations to raise outside funds.

EAS Committee

The NASBA-NAB EAS committee was established to strengthen the role of broadcasters as the backbone of America’s public alerting system, while the system works to ensure that more people receive life saving information in more parts of America, more of the time, through current and future alert and warning technologies.


The Futures Committee focuses on the Evolution and Engagement of NASBA and its members. The Committee captures the future/forward-thinking of the industry and helps educate NASBA members on what’s next in the idustry. The Committee also works with and engages stakeholders and visionaries who impact broadcasting. Resources are storytellers, equipment vendors, trends and skills sets (RAB, SBE, etc.)

MOD Squad

The Mod Squad Committee focuses on current and everyday hurdles that organizations may run into. From award program organization to website maintenance and everything in between, the Mod Squad bring questions and answers to the table.


The Public Education Program committee works to ensure that potential national partners understand the benefits of a program that utilizes broadcast airtime to connect non-profit and government organizations to their communities.