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Radio: Real-Time Immediacy and Intimacy

Exuberant college spring-breakers stuffed in a jeep drive south on I-95 belting out high school favorites blasting from the radio.

Love ballads crooned by those with silken voices accompany the movements of a couple, dancing in the moonbeams to the beat of a boom box.

Politicians noisily debate on a radio program while people listen, swayed not by appearance, but by the substance of their thoughts.

Life saver, companion, chill pill, informer, agitator, global glue, spiritual advisor. At any moment, radio is all of these things and one of these things to someone, somewhere.

From the 80-year-old widow in Bangor, Maine, kept company by the family of voices on Talk Radio and the insomniac lulled to sleep by late-night tunes, to the Baton Rouge
family staying alive in a storm by real-time radio reports … people benefit from the presence of radio in their lives.

Radio has immediacy. And intimacy. It’s real time and has real staying power.


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