ABIP Best Practices

The origins of the ABIP program began in 1994 in Missouri.

Rod Orr, Board President of the Missouri Broadcasters Association, MBA’s Executive Director Don Hicks, Ray Rouse a (a well-respected broadcast engineer and small market radio station owner http://www.mbaweb.org/2013-mba-hall-of-fame-inductees/) and Lloyd Collins, Missouri EAS chair went to the FCC Field Operations Bureau in Kansas City and discussed the concept of ABIP Inspections with their FCC Engineer in Charge, Jim Dailey. Mr. Dailey had been discussing Missouri’s mock inspection program with the FCC in Washington the previous week. The idea was well received in DC. In January 1995, a strategy meeting in Kansas City with Jim Dailey and his staff was held and Dailey went through the details of what needed to be included in the inspections. Ray Rouse and Lloyd Collins also had input in how to do the inspections. Soon afterwards a two-year pilot program was implemented in the state. Don Hicks, MBA, shared this concept at a BEDA meeting in 1995.

These are the “Best Practices” that have been developed since that time.

SOURCE: Missouri Broadcasters Association

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