Michelle Vetterkind

President & CEO
Years at association 29

The resources that I rely on include

My NASBA Colleagues – and Industry Counsel(s)
My Wisconsin Association Executive Colleagues (I’ve been very involved in WSAE, etc.)
Our Industry Trades – I usually read them first thing in the morning

What I’m recommending right now is Palm Royale – getting ready to attend the FAB Convention (and Pat’s Hall of Fame induction) in Palm Beach in June
My theme song would definitely be Jump Around by House of Pain – paying homage to my Alma Mater
The concert or live show that I remember best was Paul Mc Cartney at Miller Park – simply amazing! A close second would be Guns N’ Roses at Wrigley Field. In college, I went to a Kiss/Anthrax concert – and was hit in the head when they threw a drumstick into the audience (Anthrax :)
I don’t think people know In 1999, I ran (and completed :) the Chicago Marathon and won a rib eating contest a week later (I like to tell everyone that I was still hungry)! My prize (a gigantic bottle of wine) is still on display in my office.
The traits I admire most in other people are A love a great sense of humor :) I always tell my daughter to marry someone who makes her laugh.
When I’m not working, I’m On a Beach :) – I LOVE to travel.
My most prized possession is My mom’s wedding ring – my mom and dad passed over 25 years ago – my mom’s ring is simply irreplaceable (and I wear it every day).
I can help most people with Building relationships and the importance of networking (take the time to do so – it WILL pay off). And…. bitterness is bad for your skin :)