Issues and Advocacy


NASBA members work to educate the public and public officials regarding the role of broadcasting in the lives of Americans. From disseminating important information during times of crises to entertainment and news, broadcasters across the country are working for your community everyday.

Advertising Restrictions

Proposals to restrict advertising include eliminating the business expense deduction for the cost of advertising prescription medications and limiting food marketing in an effort to reduce childhood obesity.

First Responders

Legislative efforts as well as awareness of Broadcasters as First Responders in emergencies

FM Chips in Mobile Phones

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone - it's how people keep in touch with family and friends while on the go. For little cost, manufacturers can include an FM radio receiver in mobile phones that would give consumers a convenient new way to access FM radio service, and more importantly, improve public safety by ensuring that broadcasters' Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages and emergency information reach the widest possible audience.

Future of Television

The purpose of The Future of TV Coalition campaign is to build a coalition of local community groups and community leaders across the country to advocate for the preservation of free and local television. Visit for more information.

Increasing Communications Access for Persons with Disabilities

Representatives from organizations that advocate on behalf of the disabled have been pushing for changes to communications laws and regulations to ensure that the Internet and other forms of electronic communication are more accessible to disabled people. Leaders in both the House and Senate Commerce Committees have expressed support for greater accessibility of modern communications and have introduced legislation to achieve this goal.

Pirate Radio

Advancing legislation that strengthens FCC resources in combatting illegal pirate radio operations is a priority interest of all legal broadcasters who are dedicated to serving their communities. Pirate radio is a real threat to public health and safety, causes interference to legal radio broadcasts and flouts the rule of law.

Right to Know

Local broadcasters work every day to give life to the promise of the First Amendment to the Constitution. In a democracy, it is vital that the people be kept informed about events by full, fair and accurate reporting. When reporting on issues of great importance to the American public, it is sometimes necessary to use confidential sources.