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How Network Radio Delivers A Bigger Bang For Advertisers.

As national advertisers and agencies map out their 2024 media plans, Nielsen presented a deep dive on network radio for its clients on the buy and sell sides Wednesday. Using the media planning tool Nielsen Media Impact and data from the latest installment of its Audio Today series, the measurement giant showed how network radio can greatly expand a campaign’s reach and how it fits into the media plan.

To illustrate network radio’s ability to drive key campaign metrics, Nielsen showed how a Tier One national auto brand campaign that ran last year would have performed if 20% of the budget was spent on radio. Without radio in the mix, the $5 million one-month campaign using linear TV, connected TV and digital media reached 60.1% of the adults 25-54 target with a frequency of 4.0. It delivered 298,828,000 impressions at a $17 CPM. But when $1 million was reallocated to network radio, reach jumped to 75.5% with a frequency of 4.5, and 416,295,000 impressions were delivered at a $12 CPM.

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