Former FEMA Admin Gaynor: Where Cell Signals Fail, AM Is There

Former acting Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security Pete Gaynor is the latest official to speak out in favor of the AM For Every Vehicle Act, referencing growing nuclear danger overseas as well as recent domestic technological troubles.

The past administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency published an op-ed in The Hill discussing how the nationwide cellular blackout on February 22 underscored the vital importance of retaining AM as the cornerstone of the United States’ emergency infrastructure.

This incident, which left millions of Americans without cell service, led to first responders voicing concerns about the potential dangers posed by the lack of cell reception, particularly the inability of the public to reach emergency services. Gaynor says the vulnerability of cell towers and internet signals, especially during disasters, to both natural and man-made threats, including potential foreign cyber-attacks, was starkly illuminated.

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