Hello NASBA Family,

I hope all of you are healthy and safe. I am just hopping off a daily Joint Information Center conference call and wanted to share and see if any of you are members of your state’s joint information teams. The team consist of EVERY state agency, including the Governor’s office, hospitals, and us (the communicators). This truly gives us an insiders perspective of emergency planning in response to COVID-19 and gives us a seat at the table to share ideas on communicating information to the public.

I was invited by our state’s emergency management agency.

I believe this to be a tremendous testament to our role in emergencies and a benefit to our members as we can share with them the latest. The agencies have asked that we share the information with our members to help ensure a consistent message.

Happy to discuss further and sorry if it doesn’t make complete sense. Trying my best to multi task and probably not doing the best job.

Stay healthy.

Luke Story
Executive Director, Arkansas Broadcasters Association