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Ajit Pai Says FCC Is Looking For Ways To Help Radio Weather COVID-19.

Ajit Pai brought a positive review of how broadcasters are responding to the coronavirus pandemic from the Federal Communications Commission to the NAB Show Express on Wednesday. “It’s been incredible,” said Pai, who had been scheduled to appear at the Las Vegas conference but instead spoke in a two-way video session with National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon Smith as part of the two-day online event.

“The legacy of public service that broadcasters have long had is showing up in spades right now,” said Pai. He said one of his favorite industry events has been the NAB Educational Foundation’s annual awards, which showcase how broadcasters are helping their local community during in an emergency. “Now, we’re talking about broadcasters everywhere in the country who are doing that kind of thing every single day. It’s almost as if this award show were living in real-time,” said Pai, who added, “I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the work that broadcasters have done.”

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