DTS: Broadcast Has a Place in the Car of the Future

Posted 04-24-17

Paul Kaminski, Radio World

As part of the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference’s “The Evolution of the In-Vehicle Broadcast Radio Experience” session, attendees heard DTS Senior Vice President of Broadcast Technology Joe D’Angelo share his vision of how the car of the future will evolve, and how radio can maintain its place as an integral part of that vehicle.

D’Angelo says broadcasters need to take advantage of the technology for that to happen because of the changes in the way listeners discover content. Metadata is a key to that process.

The “buzz” around the connected car may be daunting, but D’Angelo says broadcasters shouldn’t “freakout” about those changes, because they won’t happen as fast as people say. Yet they will happen. “Nothing that happens in the car business happens quickly; it takes two to three years to design and prove something into the vehicle and once it gets into the vehicle, it’s going to run for five to seven years.”


Facebook, Nodding to Its Role in Media, Starts a Journalism Project

Posted 01-11-17


SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is increasingly owning up to its role as one of the world’s largest distributors of information by taking more responsibility for the millions of stories that flow through its site.

On Wednesday, the social network made its latest move to acknowledge that role by announcing the Facebook Journalism Project.

The effort calls for the company to forge deeper ties with publishers by collaborating on publishing tools and features before they are released. Facebook will also develop training programs and tools for journalists to teach them how to better search its site to report on news and events. And Facebook wants to help train members of the public to find news sources they trust, while fighting the spread of fake news across its site.


NewsON Now Lets You Stream Multiple Live Newscasts Simultaneously On Roku Devices

Posted 01-11-17

NewsON today announced an new way to watch local TV news on Roku devices. The new Live News Zone feature, which is currently available exclusively on the Roku platform, provides viewers with instant access to nearby stations that are currently in a live news broadcast.

This new breakthrough on the Roku platform is the latest tangible example of our dedication to advancing viewer-friendly features and expanding the local TV news audience, said Louis Gump, CEO of NewsON. Over 120 local TV news stations can be live at one time in NewsON, which allows our viewers to have even quicker instant access to thousands of journalists covering stories that are relevant to them. Whether they want to watch live local news when traveling, or want to see local coverage of a major breaking news event from another city, NewsON now provides a unique way to stay connected to local news coverage wherever and whenever it breaks.