The National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations represents the leaders of the 50 state broadcast associations, the core of the NAB's grassroots program. Members of NASBA enjoy one-on-one relationships with their House and Senate members, and Congressional staff members count on NASBA's insight and opinions as legislation is being considered.

NASBA has played an integral and important part in shaping the debate on issues surrounding the 1996 Telecom Act, the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act and low-power FM service. Most recently, NASBA has played an important role in repelling the push for mandatory free air time, and it has also been instrumental in assisting the NAB in our bi-annual community service survey.

NASBA is governed by a 5-member Executive Board and a part-time staff.

Latest Industry News

FCC Order Regarding State EAS Plans

On April 10, the FCC released its decision regarding filing EAS plans on line.  According to the FCC, “The Commission takes steps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) by establishing the Alert Reporting System (ARS). The ARS will create a comprehensive online filing system for EAS by combining the existing EAS Test Reporting Federal Communications Commission FCC 18-39 2 System (ETRS) with a new, streamlined electronic system for the filing of State EAS Plans….”

The decision includes issues beyond simply the electronic filing of state EAS plans.  Depending on your state, this could result in some changes to your plan.  You may want to forward a copy of the decision to your state SECC.