Drones for Reporting

As floods and wildfires ravage the country this summer, it's quickly apparent that a new tool at the disposal of newsrooms across the country can help illustrate the scope of a story such as floods, wildfires and more.

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Radio Station Apps Evolve At Exponential Pace.


Inside Radio

Over the air listening may continue to define the bread and butter of traditional radio, but mobile apps continue to beef up what broadcasters offer their audiences. While live streaming, on-demand content, social media and contesting have now become status quo in the app arena, evolution is a constant, as radio groups continue to extend their brands far beyond the airwaves.

In the modern-day radio world, there are perhaps three technologies that are reshaping traditional audio: smart speakers, podcasting and station apps. Inside Radio regularly reports on all and in fact, has offered readers three in-depth features covering the latter over just the past two years. That demonstrates just how rapidly app tech is evolving—and advancing.

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YouTube wants the news audience, but not the responsibility


Mathew Ingram, Columbia Journalism Review

AFTER COMING UNDER FIRE for promoting fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation around events like the Parkland school shooting, YouTube says it will take a number of steps to fix the problem. But the Google-owned video platform still seems to be trying to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to being a media entity.

This week at the South by Southwest conference in Texas, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that the site plans to show users links to related articles on Wikipedia when they search for topics known to involve conspiracy theories or hoaxes, such as the moon landing or the belief that the earth is flat.

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Social Media