FM Chips in an Emergency

Broadcasters have been committed to keeping their communities safe for decades. With new technologies such as smartphones and other devices, NASBA works to educate the public on the need to activate FM chips in cell phones because of the importance of local radio during times of emergency.

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Ad Group Announces Rules for Transparency in Political Advertising


New guidelines from the Digital Advertising Alliance requires political advertisers to provide consumers with additional information

Benjamin Mullen, Wall Street Journal

As mid-term elections get underway and lawmakers in Washington contemplate new rules to regulate political advertising online, the digital advertising industry is attempting to beat them to the punch.

The Digital Advertising Alliance, an organization that establishes and enforces guidelines across social media companies, consumer brands, advertising organizations and publishing outlets, on Tuesday announced a series of new rules aimed at making digital political ads more transparent.

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FCC Advises Stations To Get Public Files In Order.


Inside Radio

The Federal Communications Commission has announced the next broadcast license renewal process will begin June 1, 2019. While it’s just a little more than one year away for the states first in line, the Media Bureau is advising stations to make good use of the time since this renewal cycle will be like no other. That’s because as of March 1 all stations have been required to have online public files. That new wrinkle means it will no longer take a visit to a station to uncover missing paperwork or other violations. Instead, Bureau staffers can review each station’s public inspection from their desks in Washington. And that’s a message that the FCC wants stations to receive loud and clear.

“Broadcasters may have noticed we’re looking closely at rule violations and non-compliance issues and I would encourage stations to start making sure their paperwork is in order and correct any non-compliance issues,” Audio Division chief Al Shuldiner said on a recent podcast produced by the National Association of Broadcasters.

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