Public Education Partnership

The Public Education Program provides non-profit organizations and government agencies with a unique opportunity to deliver important educational messages to citizens across a state, region or the country, and provides sponsoring organizations with significant returns on their investment.

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Announcing the Google News Lab University Network


Journalism schools around the world are doing important work, shaping the future of media by training the next generation of journalists in their classrooms. At the News Lab, we believe Google’s tools, like Google Search, Google Trends, Google Maps and Google Earth, and others can play a unique role in helping provide the skills necessary for these students to succeed in the newsrooms of tomorrow.

To help better serve this important community, today we are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative to provide journalism educators with the same level of training and support that we’ve provided to journalists in newsrooms for years.

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Despite NAB Displeasure, FCC Preps EAS Vote


The Federal Communications Commission hasn’t put a lot of focus on radio during Tom Wheeler’s chairmanship but one of the last items coming to a vote before he steps down will impact broadcasters. At the Commission’s monthly meeting, Wheeler plans to consider new Emergency Alert System (EAS) rules. The Commission says the update will help protect EAS against hackers and accidental misuse. The FCC is also scheduled to decide whether to launch a new rulemaking that would look at several proposals to leverage technological advances to improve alerting as well as ways to beef up EAS security.

"The EAS is our national public warning system, which broadcasters, cable and satellite companies use to keep us informed in times of crisis,” Wheeler writes in a blog post. “Our new rules would strengthen EAS by promoting greater participation by partners on the state and local levels, improved testing and enhanced EAS security."

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